Rugged Remote controlled and semi-autonomous cost effective tractor alternative .Tracked option available. Attach tills, bush hogs, sprayers, material transport attachments etc.
Email for quote and specifications. 

Siberian Husky 1000

Siberian Husky 1000 features a tracked design that allows it to climb over most obstacles including stairs. It features choice cameras with high power LED lights allowing you to see in any direction and in almost any lighting situation. This Robot will push, pull, or plow over large objects and climb over virtually any obstacle during remote surveillance. The large aggressive tracks allow you to easily climb stairs and drive over obstacles. Multiple cameras and Operator Control Units (OCUs) are available for control and observation with 2-way Audio making hostage negotiation easy. The robot can be customized in size and added components based on terrain and application. Email for quote and questions.

CSSPC 1000

General purpose rugged tracked unmanned system that can be used for inspecting crawlspaces, foundations, under vehicles, for security etc Can be customized for size, autonomy, range etc.
Email for desired application and relevant specifications with quote.


Professional Portable Ground Control Station with integrated radio, Radio Control, Telemetry(Mavlink and Transparent Data Link), AES 128 Encryption etc
Contact for further details and needed requirements

Remote Control For Heavy Equipment

Allow GESAR to make your heavy equipment unmanned via long range remote control.
Typical applications for unmanned heavy equipment include -
1. Demolition.
3Working in areas of Smoke, Fumes, Radiation, Dust
4.Metal Industry.
5.Landmine Removal.
6.Natural Disasters.
7.Earthquake Situations.
8.Ordnance Removal (UXO)
9.Ship Loading / Unloading.
10.Emergency Services.
11.Removal of Hazardous Goods.
12. Nuclear Industry.
13.Removal of Explosive Materials.
14.Chemical Spills.
15. Excavation / Vacuum Excavation.
16. Mining.
17. Hydrodemolition.
18. Jet Blasting / cleaning.
19. Enabling Disabled Persons operate Equipment.
20. Any situation where it is safer or more convenient to operate remotely.

Autonomous Tractor Kit

Contact GESAR to retrofit your current tractor and make it autonomous.
Based on the customer's needs, tractors will be retrofitted with smart mapping, multiple sensors and AI to ensure ultra-high precision, real-time situation awareness and the  best in  safety


Increase safety, productivity and reduce overall costs with a tele-operation kit from GESAR INC. for your heavy equipment and robots.
Teleoperation is a technology which allows you to remotely control vehicles from the warmth of an office via 4G and 5G. The operator sits in a remote station and can change vehicles at any time without driving anywhere.
Contact GESAR INC. for your tele-operation needs.